Years Of IP Experience

Designed with people in mind.

Our team has decades of experience designing, building, and protecting intellectual property. We built WizardIP with a focus on creating an intuitive interface users from any background can seamlessly understand and take advantage of.

Our Values

We make complex, intimidating processes intuitive and smarter.

Our team believes you should spend your time on mission critical tasks and not on extensive intake processes and manual data entry. We built WizardIP to fulfill this mission.

Our mission

Use data and AI to build and evolve a smarter, easier to use, and more transparent trademark registration platform that benefits attorneys and their clients.

Our vision

An industry-leading, white-label automation platform built using the power of AI to revolutionize the way IP registration and management are performed.

Data & AI

We believe data and AI are the key to building the future of online experiences.

Low Touchpoint

We believe phone calls and  back-and-forth emails are a waste of time and money.


Our biggest overarching commitment is to transparency throughout the whole process.

Joel Douglas, P.E.

Designed & built by experienced experts.

Co-founder Joel Douglas is an experienced IP professional. He has had multiple multi-million dollar exits, is the named Inventor on 103 Patents, and serves on the Board of Directors for The National Association of Patent Practitioners (NAPP). In the course of his work in the IP protection industry, Joel saw a need for changes to the trademark registration process. WizardIP is designed to address that need.

103 Patents 

Joel is the named inventor on over 103 patents.

15 Years

Joel has been working in the IP protection industry for 15+ years.

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